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Why recycle cooking oil?

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Why recycle cooking oil?

In Spain it is estimated that a consumer generates about 4 liters of used oil per year and that two thirds of it ends up in the sewers. This used oil can have many repercussions in nature such as:

  • A great environmental impact
  • Extra work for the wastewater treatment plants which increases the water bills that we all pay
  • It can contribute to the development and reproduction of harmful bacteria in the pipes
  • And what we see most easily in day-to-day life: blockages in the pipes

If this oil ends up in the waters of the rivers, it forms a superficial film that affects the exchange of oxygen and ends up damaging the ecosystem.

All this contamination and its negative effects can be avoided by recycling the oil correctly, a practice that has many more benefits than we know. Besides taking care of the environment, industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or chemistry take advantage of this waste to produce fertilizers, creams, waxes, detergents...

How to recycle the oil:

To recycle oil you do not have to make any effort. Simply store the waste in plastic bottles and take them to the clean points of your city. Another more practical option for the consumer are urban containers.

Recycling oil in the hotel trade

To recycle the industrial quantities of oil used in restaurants and hotels in general, the owners usually hire the services of other companies that are responsible for the collection and recycling of the oil.

As a restaurant owner you can not stop wondering how to extend the useful life of the oil used in your kitchens.

Increase the life of the oil with the SF5000 Frucosol Filter

The Frucosol SF5000 oil filter removes impurities and micro-particles of oil that are released from the products during the frying process. In this way, it achieves a lower deterioration of the product and a considerable saving of the oil as well as healthier and higher quality fritters. Its handling is easy and simple and since it is made of stainless steel allows a cleaning of the simplest.

Are you aware of its characteristics?

Production20 L/min
Consumption750 w
Capacity30 L
Voltage230 - 110 v / 50 - 60 Hz. Single phase
Net Weight30 kg
Dimensions61 L x 38 D x 39 H cm

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