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Refresh summer with the GF1000 instant froster

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Refresh summer with the GF1000 instant froster

Now that we are in the summer, Frucosol helps you to animate your events, terraces and any time drinks with your glass froster.

Instant freezing of any type of glass or cup. It can be placed in any place for its small dimensions.

It also improves the taste of your drinks and cocktails as ice cubes will be always solid and do not add any taste. This machine is perfect as well for cooling champagne and white wine glasses as the frozen glass can keep the carbonic of this type of drinks.

As well, we are sterilizing the glasses so we can offer a more hygienic service. It improves the quality of the service by a very low cost.

It is an element that will make your business to stand over from others, cooling and sterilizing your glasses in a few seconds.

It is perfect for any business; its design can be adapted to any place and surface; besides, its manual system makes it simple, fast and easy to use.