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How to run restaurant ads online to attract more customers.

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How to run restaurant ads online to attract more customers.

Running restaurant ads online is one of the best ways to instantly increase your sales and create a better brand presence. Online marketing gives you the freedom to target your desired audience, track ad performance, and control conversions.

In this post we are going to talk about the best online platforms to publish restaurant ads and how to do it.

Posting your restaurant ads online will help you attract desired customers and also build a strong online presence for your restaurant.

Appear on Google

Restaurants are one of the most sought after industries. Which makes it imperative that you appear in Google search. Publishing your restaurant ads on Google would help boost your business and increase your online presence.

Google provides you with different services to help you promote your hospitality business, such as Google Ads, Google My Business, and organic search.

Google Ads is a platform that allows you to publish paid ads on Google or partner sites. It gives you the freedom to decide the budget and keywords for which you would like to show your ads. Google ads have a pay-per-click (PPC) module. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

There are several campaigns available in Google Ads:

Search campaign: Search campaigns are those that appear on Google itself and on associated sites. You can use relevant keywords like Italian restaurant, best restaurant, etc. that best describe your restaurant business. Whenever someone searches for these terms, your ad would start to appear. You can choose the amount you want to spend with just one click.

Display campaign: Also known as image ads because they allow you to add images alongside your ads. Unlike search ads, display ads don't use keywords because people can't search for them. Google displays your ads on partner sites based on target audience or topic. Display ads are very eye-catching and attract a lot of attention.

Remember, to create a Google ad, you must have a branded website or page that people are directed to once they click on your ad.

Organic Listing: Organic listing is something you can't pay for. To appear in Google organic searches, your website must have a good quality score, that is, if the content is relevant to the search query, if your content is original, etc.

These listings are decided by Google bots when they crawl your website and if they find the content to be informative and valuable to the person searching for the information. Your website is shown higher in the search results.

Facebook Ads

Most people check social reviews before choosing a restaurant for dinner. Facebook marketing allows you to share content that lets your customers know about an upcoming event, special offers or discounts.

Facebook ads have a fixed goal that helps you reach the right audience.

What you need to get started creating Facebook ads:

Your business objective: is the reason you are running the ads, which would be to generate sales for your restaurant business.

Understanding who you want to reach - This will help Facebook show your ads to the right customer base.

A daily or ongoing budget for your ad: it is the amount you are willing to spend on Facebook to run your restaurant ads.

Photos or videos to include in your ad - Make sure to add high-quality videos and photos.

In digital advertising, Facebook has one of the largest available audience of active users to target your restaurant ads. Therefore, pay attention to every detail when setting up audiences.

Instagram Ads

93% percent of people say that the visual appearance of a restaurant and the images of the food influence their decision of choice. So it is very important to pay close attention to the images when creating the ads.

As a restaurant owner, you know how important it is to attract your customers and Instagram allows you to do so. It helps you present your best dishes and interact with your customers in an authentic way. Hence, Instagram is becoming a growing source of income for restaurant owners.

There are different Instagram ad formats to choose from:

Photo Ads: Allow you to tell the story of your restaurant along with engaging images. You can target your desired audience and Instagram will show your ads only to them. They also support call-to-action buttons like book now, call now, contact us, get directions, etc.

Video Ads: There's no denying that video ads capture the most attention. They make it easy for your audience to remember your brand. Video ads can be up to 60 seconds long. They also support a call-to-action button.

Carousel Ads: These ads allow your customers to go through a series of images or videos, with a call-to-action button to connect them directly to your website. They offer the creative space to tell a longer story about your restaurant.

Stories Ads: These ads are full-screen ads that are shown to users between Stories. They are the ideal format to share offers and promotions for a limited time, since they expire after 24 hours. The call to action takes the form of a swipe-up feature that takes the audience directly to your restaurant's website.

Instagram is a great tool to promote your restaurants. So, make use of the easy-to-use interface, and watch your restaurants grow.

Online marketing may seem like a daunting task at first, but if you organize and form a little, you will get great results.


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