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Take care of your glassware! Reduce breakages and supply orders.

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Take care of your glassware! Reduce breakages and supply orders.

Glassware is one of the most delicate supplies in a restaurant. For this reason, it needs more frequent replacement than any other supply.

A common mistake is to place a first order with the minimum that we are going to use. Not taking into account that constant use will cause them to wear out faster. We must have enough to keep a constant supply in circulation and take into account any accidents that may occur. A helpful recommendation is to have a minimum of two glasses for each seat in your dining room.

In this post we want to leave you some tips that will help you reduce orders for glassware supplies, as well as reduce breakage and extend the useful life of your glassware.

The two most common reasons why glasses and goblets break are mechanical and thermal shock.

Avoid mechanical shocks.

Stacking glassware can cause mechanical shock. Every little touch with a glass adds up. Some common ways this happens is by stacking glasses that should not be stacked or by ringing a glass of beer on the tap during serving. Mechanical shock is the result of direct contact with another object, such as cutlery, crockery, or another glass. These shocks cause invisible abrasions that make them more susceptible to breakage by impact or thermal shock.

Some common restaurant mishaps to avoid that can have a direct impact on the preservation of your glassware include:

Putting silverware in glasses, tapping stemware on the top racks, carrying too many glass pieces between your fingers, clinking wine glasses together, or banging the rim of a beer glass against the faucet.

Another time when mechanical shocks and breakage usually occur is during manual glasswork.

The cups and glass polisher guarantees maximum hygiene, saves hours of work, eliminates breakage and associated injuries, and guarantees sparkling glasses and glasses at all times. These machines dry and polish without damaging glassware, no matter how delicate and difficult they are.

Avoid thermal shocks.

After going through the dishwasher, it is important to allow glassware to cool before using it again. Thermal shock occurs when glass experiences a sudden change in temperature. A new glass that has not yet suffered any mechanical impact is designed to withstand a temperature change of around 38ºC. Bearing in mind that the dishwasher reaches a temperature of 80ºC to properly disinfect. This is why when they come out of the dishwasher, it is important that the glasses have time to cool down. And let's not forget that the more use the glasses have, the greater their vulnerability.

The thinner the glass, the more resistant it is to thermal shock. To reduce the risk of thermal shock we can follow some guidelines:

Avoid putting cold water or ice in a hot glass.

Glasses that have not been adjusted to room temperature should not be used after leaving the dishwasher.

You should not put glasses that have had ice directly into the dishwasher without giving it time to return to room temperature.


Some tips for handling glassware

Always let it cool for a long time after removing it from the dishwasher. The same thing happens the other way around. Do not run a glass through a high-temperature dishwasher immediately after it has been used to serve a cold beverage. It is good practice to preheat a glass of hot water before serving hot drinks.

A quiet kitchen is a good kitchen. The fewer glasses clink, the longer they will last.

Do not stack non-stackable glasses. Avoid glasses to hold silverware. Staff often insert used silverware into the glass to keep their hands free when they take it back to the kitchen. Educate staff on how to properly transport tables to improve the life of your serving supplies.

If you are using stackable glasses, it is always best to lay the stack on its side. Much less force is exerted on the glassware when it is lying horizontally.

Always, always use a plastic spoon to serve the ice. This will reduce the risk of mechanical shock. Never use the glasses directly, they could break on the ice and create a physical contaminant that endangers customers.

And finally, remove worn, cracked, or chipped glassware from service immediately.


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