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Optimize home delivery of your restaurant.

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Optimize home delivery of your restaurant.

Many restaurants have had to adapt and consider the delivery service after the changes that the hospitality industry is going through. Since COVID-19 reached the industry, it has become necessary for many to establish a home delivery service or take away. Optimizing these deliveries has become essential, but not all delivery services are the same.

In this post we want to leave some tips to optimize your restaurant's takeaway and delivery and ensure your customers' satisfaction.

With so much change and uncertainty in the air today, as a restaurateur, you may be overwhelmed by the extra training, distancing measures, and strict hygiene standards required. Optimizing your restaurant for delivery may seem like just another item on your long to-do list.

How can I optimize the delivery service of my restaurant?

Optimize your menu for delivery:

Your restaurant may have an extensive menu for dining options, but consider cutting back. A smaller menu for delivery allows your kitchen to quickly prepare food for orders. Consider offering only items that will travel well and stay fresh to reach your customer.

Invest in packaging and delivery packaging:

Quality insulated delivery packaging is essential for keeping food fresh and hot / cold. Good packaging allows delivery people to carry food comfortably while delivering by bicycle, in the car or in any other way.

Its packaging is also important in terms of marketing and customer loyalty. Part of the fun and excitement of ordering takeout is the "unpacking" process. Your packaging should show the best of your restaurant: its colors, your brand and your brand personality. You can add a handwritten note or message in the box that says "Thank you" or "Enjoy your meal" is a little touch that can make a difference for the customer.

Dedicating an area exclusively to packaging is essential. It makes sense to locate this next to the kitchen to make sure the food is packed and out the door as quickly as possible after they leave the kitchen.

Delivery platforms:

New to offering delivery services? Consider using a third-party delivery service to get started. Research all the big names in food delivery and see what works best for your establishment. It can be overwhelming to start offering delivery services with your own people, and these platforms can provide expertise. There is a wide offer on the market: Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat. One benefit of using these third-party delivery platforms is their already-developed apps that offer tracking, ordering, and review all in one.

Offer take-away service:

In uncertain times, offering a take-away service at the door is successful and offers peace of mind to customers who do not want to accept face-to-face deliveries.

Prepare Your Establishment - Work on preparing kitchen staff to quickly process delivery orders and package them for pickup. For a truly efficient delivery system, you must consider the restaurant as a whole. Think about your priorities and where delivery orders fit. Some key considerations are:

Dedicated surface space for packing orders

Definition of a viable system to organize and prioritize orders

Think about how the packing area relates to the waiting area for delivery drivers.

Make your delivery packaging materials accessible

Be adaptable and optimize as you learn what works and what doesn't

Set up an area to quickly pack delivery items. Include takeout containers, cups and lids, bags, and whatever else you need in your delivery bags.

The extra space provided by having a specially designed packing area will help your staff ensure that orders are accurate and complete. It may even be worth having a dedicated team member double-check orders to ensure quality and accuracy.

If a customer receives an order with missing items or if the product is of poor quality, it will not only damage your reputation and risk bad reviews, but also if you have to reorder it will affect your profits and affect the efficiency of your operations.

Maintain costs:

Costs and fees can go up when customers are charged for delivery. Make conscious decisions when choosing menu items, third-party services, and more. The surcharge for delivery can be up to 30% and that can alienate customers.

Own delivery:

If you have the capacity, consider implementing your own delivery service alongside the one you offer on the delivery platform. Offer your own deliveries during the slowest hours at first to troubleshoot problems and use third-party services during peak hours. Their experience can teach you to better optimize delivery times.


Inform your customers about the delivery offer. Use social media to communicate with customers about delivery specials, offers, and how to order online.


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