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Get more customers in the business dining season.

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Get more customers in the business dining season.

The dates are approaching when employees and company management must decide where to make the usual Christmas dinner. Company dinners are ideal events for restaurants to increase their turnover.

In this post we want to help hospitality professionals to get more company Christmas lunches.

For these dates a good planning should include: menu, Christmas decoration, special proposals, and of course a lot of marketing strategy. All the proposal offered for these events must be on the Internet, Web establishment, social networks, as well as in the local environment. It is convenient to use the image of social networks and the web, and give them a Christmas touch.

A good idea to reach the target audience is to use specialized reservation portals in groups and dinners of Christmas companies such as or

More and more restaurants and hoteliers are joining various promotions, offers or a special menu for this particular day, not in vain is easier to close a menu and let the local develop all its gastronomic potential.

Offering Christmas menus will attract a larger number of groups to celebrate their business dinner there and thus make December a very profitable month.

People usually prefer to have alternatives where they can choose and to be able to be among a few alternatives, as too many makes it difficult for us to come to a decision.

A good strategy would be to offer 2 or 3 Christmas menus with different dishes and prices and even a cocktail menu for larger groups who want to stand. The incoming dishes are essential to be chosen, try to raise options that you want just by reading them. In the latter, consider alternatives for all tastes: meat, fish or vegetarian menus, and take into account possible food intolerances.

The key may lie in providing personalised attention and giving you more personalised advice as you are informed of your tastes in food, wine, etc.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is of vital importance. It is necessary to make sure that it is suitable to be able to maintain relaxed conversations, that it has sufficient light, that the volume of the music is the suitable one. Without neglecting the cordiality and good manners among the waiters. Every effort should be made to eliminate stress.

A good offline strategy if the restaurant is in a business area, is the distribution of flyers or brochures with your offer for those dates.

Remember to take advantage of the differentiating element of your establishment. Why choose your restaurant and not another one for the company dinner? You can use the menu as a differentiating element. But it can also be your terrace, special animation, proximity to a leisure area, discounts depending on the number of attendees, a free drink.


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    Anthony Anson Jun 5, 2020

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    Justin Parker Jun 25, 2020

    This post is very informative on this topic. I feel strongly that love and read more on this topic. I just tripped upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog stations. Thanks for sharing.

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