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The responsibilities of waiter in bar and restaurant - Part 2

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The responsibilities of waiter in bar and restaurant - Part 2

In this post we continue explaining what the functions in the bar and room that a waiter should perform within an establishment should be.

- Carry out the commissioning of the service. Review of the opening check-list, that nothing fails and everything is ready, so that there is fluidity in the service. It doesn't look good to see the staff looking for things. Denotes customer disorganization.

- Greet the client upon arrival and always sit the client in a clean and ready space, if there was no table or bar ready, wait for a moment and offer some snack.

- Deliver the restaurant or bar menu and comment on the suggestions.

- Take the command without taking too long. Try to give out dishes that they recommend in the kitchen. Move to remove the cards and review the command aloud to avoid confusion.

- Remove the dishes and unnecessary utensils. You must first ask if you have finished and apologize for the interruption. At the end of the meal remove everything, only the drink of each one should remain.

- Continuously supervises the tables, always anticipating what the client needs or wants. For example, you should always offer another drink automatically if you finish with the one you are drinking.

- Bring dessert menu or offer coffee, followed by digestives and glass.

- Do not delay when they ask for the account, customers do not like to wait to pay and in this way a free table will be available.

- When charging the client to ask if everything was to his liking, take advantage of the feedback, always with a smile and thank him, we can kindly suggest that you leave us a review on TripAdvisor.

- Immediately after the service, clean the table and sidewalks and reassemble if the service requires it.

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