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Tips to successfully manage Facebook profile in restaurants - Part 1

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Tips to successfully manage Facebook profile in restaurants - Part 1

Restaurants have an excellent social media marketing tool on Facebook. Facebook, along with Instagram are, the social networks where restaurants have to be.

We have created a list of marketing tips for Facebook management to help your page grow.

-          Use fan page for your restaurant profile, not personal profile.

-          Set up a simple and personalized URL for your Facebook page. You must have a short URL that people can remember, for example,

-          Publish videos. It is the format that works best, which will reach a greater number of users. You can use Facebook Live and Facebook stories to upload your videos. You can make videos of how your kitchen team is preparing a dish for example.

-          Optimize your images. If you want people to interact with your posts, you must take into account the appropriate image sizes described by Facebook and publish quality and careful images. Suggestive images that invite you to try the menu, in which you include the restaurant logo.

-          Activate the "call to action" button. You can redirect to your reservation page or link to the restaurant phone. Having a button that directs to your website is very useful so that client-followers can have all the information they need from your business, as well as get in touch with any questions or requests.

-          Make contests. You have to give people a reason to want to talk to you. Things like "caption this photo", "pop-up questionnaire" or "public with a certain hashtag" are great ways to start a conversation with your audience. The prize must be something relevant for both the client and the restaurant, the most common is to avoid lunch or dinner.

-          Take advantage of your cover photo. You can now put several photos and even a video. Take advantage of it also to put your promotions, special days or the information that you think may be useful to highlight. In addition, any changes you make to the cover are communicated as if it were a publication.

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