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Ideas to attract customers to your bar - Part 1

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Ideas to attract customers to your bar - Part 1

Increasing the influx of customers and increasing the average consumer ticket are key objectives to increase profitability. But, what if those long-awaited customers do not enter your bar? What to do so that customers enter your bar.

Getting new clients should not be seen as a strategy of two days, we must be constantly fighting for new customers and above all not neglect the attention in the establishment and the products we offer so that these customers have a good experience in the bar and want to continue coming.

Here are some recommendations and ideas to attract customers to your bar.


Organize events in your bar

The first of the tips is the organization of events in your bar. There are plenty of options at your disposal: a concert by a musical group, DJs, comedians, monologuists, magicians, invite a famous character, make a themed party, a performance by an artist, animators, etc.

To reduce the costs associated with the organization of events you can hire amateur artists, local bands, etc.

These events will make your bar attract customers of different profiles to your establishment, increasing the number of visitors.

The events will also increase the notoriety of your place and position it in front of other bars in the area.

Wi-fi free

It offers access to free wifi in your bar. The customers of a bar not only want to enjoy the most intense coffee or the most tasty beer, also want to have a nice time and share it with their friends online and have free wifi will facilitate and save data costs to your customers.

The free wifi increases the time that customers stay in the bar and thus increase the likelihood that they end up consuming more.

Screens and exclusive channels

Use large screens for sporting events is a classic that always goes well. For this it is usually necessary to hire payment channels.

Currently streaming platforms are booming. Try to make promotions or thematic nights with some fashion series, adapting the food or drink that you offer.

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