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Attract a new audience to your bar or restaurant with the Mocktails - Part 2

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Attract a new audience to your bar or restaurant with the Mocktails - Part 2

It is increasingly common that the drinks menus of the best bars have to mocktails, these combined 'without' a very large section.

Its healthy component has meant that its demand has been triggered in recent years and there is no cool terrace that does not include among its options.

The "virgin drinks" are a trend that is booming by the fashion of healthy and caring. Of course, they are also ideal cocktails for people who are going to drive, for pregnant women, for athletes and even for children.

Put your establishment on the healthy terrace map with these mocktails recipes that we leave you below.


A vegan, healthy and natural alternative to other cocktails with alcohol and is delicious.


  •          100 ml kombucha cup
  •          100 ml cup of orange juice
  •          Grains of pomegranate to decorate


Mix the kombucha and the orange juice in a cocktail shaker and pour the mimosa cocktail into a glass.

You can decorate it with grains of pomegranate to taste.

Instead of kombucha you could change it for sparkling water, it will lose flavor but it will be delicious too.


The Virgin Mary is a version for all audiences of Bloody Mary since it does not have alcohol. All its ingredients can be consumed by both adults and the youngest.


  •          4 Parts of Tomato Juice
  •          ⅔ Part of English Sauce
  •          ⅔ Part of Lemon juice
  •          3 small jetsof Salsa spicy
  •          1 Teaspoon Horseradish
  •          1 pinch celery salt
  •          1 Pinch Ground black pepper
  •          1 Celery Staff
  •          1 Lemon Wedge


Fill a glass of tube with ice. Add all the ingredients and mix. Finally, decorate with celery and lemon.

Remember you can use the glass froster to encourage and improve the preparation of these cocktails without alcohol.

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