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Attract a new audience to your bar or restaurant with the Mocktails - Part 1

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Attract a new audience to your bar or restaurant with the Mocktails - Part 1

The term mocktail arises from the union of two English words: mock (imitation or simulation) and cocktail (cocktail).

Mocktails are currently a demonstration of sophistication and natural ingredients suitable for all audiences.

This type of alcohol-free cocktails have gained much prominence in recent years. These mixtures without alcohol can be tasty, healthier, and with fewer calories. Both young and adults fall for absolutely healthy and delicious cocktails.

Every time there are more restaurants, bars and cocktail bars that have mocktails among their options. The current concern for good nutrition and the healthy trend makes these alcohol-free cocktails a great alternative to enjoy at parties without leaving aside healthy eating.

The main protagonists of these cocktails without alcohol are fruit juices, tonic and soft drinks. You can also use fresh fruit, dairy and other ingredients that fuse well in texture, taste and color.

So here we leave the first idea to update the drinks menu for your restaurant or bars.


It is a famous cocktail without alcohol. It was created by a barman of Chasen's restaurant and was named after the actress Shirley Temple, who visited this bar regularly.


  •          3 cl of grenadine
  •          1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  •          1 tablespoon of lime juice
  •          9 cl of soda
  •          2 cherries


Put all the liquid ingredients in a tall glass and mix gently. Add ice and decorate with the cherries. More simple, impossible.

To give a more sophisticated touch you can use the glass froster previously to cool the glass.

Remember if you want to be in the fashion of the latest trends, add the mocktails to the drinks menu of your bar or restaurant.

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