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Rice pudding recipe for MixChef Machine

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Rice pudding recipe for MixChef Machine

Rice pudding is the quintessential dessert in many homes. It is a traditional dessert that although it is easy to prepare, needs to be a good time pending the pot so that it does not stick.

Our cooking machine will facilitate this task and you will not have any laziness to cook this delicious dessert.

In each house each one prepares the rice pudding as it likes, some prefer it more soupy or creamy, with enough milk, and others prefer it drier. We leave here the most traditional recipe for preparing rice pudding.

Traditional recipe Rice pudding


  •          150 grams of round rice
  •          150 grams of sugar
  •          1 liter of whole milk
  •          250 ml of water
  •          1 cinnamon stick
  •          2 pieces of lemon peel


Pour the water and rice into the pan. Put to heat over medium-high heat and medium movement.

When the water is hot add milk, cinnamon sticks and lemon peel. Mix everything well and continue with medium-high motion until the milk is warm.

When the milk is hot, lower the heat to medium-low heat and leave for 50 minutes with medium movement.

If the rice is too soupy after 50 minutes, leave a little more time.

When the rice has the right texture, add the sugar, mix well and leave the fire for another 5 minutes with medium movement.

Remove from heat and you can consume something hot or let it cool completely in the refrigerator.

To decorate it you can sprinkle with cinnamon powder, or if you like to give it a less traditional touch you can add honey, or almonds, or evaporated milk, or slices of apple, or coconut, or raisins ...

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