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Basic glasses in the hotel & restaurant industry.

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Basic glasses in the hotel & restaurant industry.

In the market there are plenty of glasses, and each of them with a function. The basic ones in a restaurant are those of water, red, white, champagne, liquor and combined. Your proper choice is very important for the establishment.

The glasses are a tool that will help the diner to enjoy the choice of their drink at its best. It is a sign of good service to offer the specific glasses for each type of wine. It is a detail that contributes to the image of the restaurant.

Currently the glass manufacturers offer specific options for each wine, including the type of grape with which it was made. It is not necessary to have an arsenal in your establishment, it will be enough to have the basic types.

Red wine glass

They are the Bordeaux or Burgundy glasses. They are large, in the form of a wide throat balloon and curved inward edges. They help to have a large surface of the wine in contact with the air, to help its oxygenation. Burgundy glasses are larger than Bordeaux, and are oriented for both young and old wines. The Bordeaux glass is designed to air very elaborate red wines.

White wine glass

They are similar to the Bordeaux model, but smaller and with the stem longer, This is so to prevent the wine from heating up. The mouth is narrower to conserve the cold since the white wine must be served at a temperature of about 6ºC.

Sparkling wine glass

They are tall and stylized glasses suitable for consuming sparkling wines. They usually have a fluted and long body, increasing its width slightly towards the mouth. This form makes it easier for the champagne or champagne to be kept at a low temperature and for the quality of the bubbles and the concentration of their aromas to be appreciated.

In any case, regardless of the type of wine to be consumed, the presentation of the glasses on the table is essential. They should be perfectly polished allowing perfect visibility through the glass.

These are some basic indications to take into account in the choice of glasses. With them you will be able to get your customers to have a more pleasant tasting and add points to your level of satisfaction in the valuation of the establishment.

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