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Features to keep in mind when choosing cutlery.

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Features to keep in mind when choosing cutlery.

The cutlery are one of the first things that customers find when entering a restaurant, which makes its quality an essential component of a positive culinary experience. The composition and weight are two important features to be assessed when selecting the perfect cutlery for your establishment.

Cutlery in your tables can immediately and deeply impact the experience of your clients. All that time, energy and money spent creating the perfect menu and design could be instantly truncated if a customer is received with worn-out-up cutlery, without gloss or spots.

Cheap quality cutlery should be replaced more frequently than you think. A unique expense in durable cutlery will allow you to save a lot of money in the future.

In this post we leave some tips can help you select high quality cutlery for your restaurant:

Rejects limited edition cutlery

Everything that says 'limited edition' is just that, limited. After a few months or years, the knives are disappeared and the spoons are scratched.

When you return to buy the same set, your 'limited' status will be reminded and this will mean problems. You will have to replace all your cutlery, because you do not want to see different cutting pieces in your tables.

Composition of the cutlery.

Almost all cutlery used in hospitality establishments are made of stainless steel due to their resistance and durability. However, not all stainless steel cutlery are equal. Their specific qualities will depend on their composition of chromium and nickel.

Chromium is a metal that adds hardness to the cutlery, so it retains its strength and shape during prolonged use.

Nickel is a metal that prevents corrosion, so it does not wear out with repeated exposure to water, cleaning substances and food.

There are four common stainless steel cutlery compositions:

The coverse 18/10 contain 18% chromium and 10% nickel. This is considered the highest quality composition. It is also the most expensive. However, in exchange for its superior price, its cutlery will retain its brightness and shape for many years. The 18/10 cutlery are a common staple food in the high-end restaurants.

The 18/8 cutlery contain 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This composition is not as corrosion resistant, but it is still a good option for restaurants that want high quality cutlery that keep your brightness reasonably well but do not want to pay such a high price.

The 18/0 covers contain 18% chromium and 0% nickel. This composition is the favorite option among those who have adjusted budgets, since its affordable price also makes it easy and economical to replace. However, the 18/0 covers are quite vulnerable to corrosion and it is unlikely to keep its brightness for a long time.

The cutlery 13/0 contain 13% chromium and 0% nickel. Of the four Common Cutlery Compositions, 13/0 is the least resistant to corrosion. Despite this deficiency, it serves as a valuable choice for knives, since your makeup helps keep the edges sharp. Otherwise, it is generally not recommended to use other 13/0 covers.

Make sure the suppliers list the composition of the cutlery. The lack of information, is an alert signal.

Weight of the cutlery.

Another factor to consider when selecting the cutlery is its weight. There are three common categories of cutlery weight:

The extra heavy cutlery are the heaviest and are considered to be the highest quality. It is commonly found in high-end restaurants, it is the most expensive, the most lasting and the one that is less likely to be deformed with long-term use.

Heavy covers are less durable than extra heavy ones, but still serve as a good option for most hotel establishments seeking a more affordable option while maintaining a reasonable level of quality.

And medium weight or economic weight cutlery, is the lightest category of cutlery. Pretty economical and easy to bend, is commonly found in cafe environments.

Cutlery Style

Other factors, such as style, depend on your personal preferences and the desired environment of your establishment.

When it comes to style, you will find many options to choose from. Whether your restaurant has a vintage style or is minimalist, you will need to find covers that match the style of your space. They should also be harmony with crockery and glassware.

Another good advice is not to exceed too much in ornamentation, as they usually give problems at the time of cleaning.

Remember that the regular use of our cutlery polishers significantly reduces the oxidation of the cutlery and gives it a better appearance and polishing at the naked eye.

The cutlery polishers helps eliminate the microbial load that can occasionally survive the washing process, living in the residual moisture of the cutlery while waiting to be dried and polished. The Frucosol polishers include a germicidal ultraviolet lamp, which will help you contribute a service with greater hygiene and quality.


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