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Why a cutlery polisher?

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Why a cutlery polisher?

Cutlery polishers are fast becoming a staple in many restaurants, and for good reason. If your establishment spends hours polishing silverware by hand, you may not be running your business efficiently. It takes a lot of time and effort to polish the cutlery to a constant and perfect shine. Not to mention the costs of buying dozens of polishing cloths. This simple task can easily consume a portion of your budget.

The restaurants operate in a busy and fast-paced environment. This is where cutlery polishers come in. By simplifying the silverware polishing process, you can focus more on core operations and streamline your overall operations.


What is a cutlery polisher?

As its name suggests, a cutlery polisher is a type of machinery that polishes and dries cutlery. These handy kits significantly reduce the amount of time and energy required to polish silverware to a good shine. What makes cutlery polishers so good is that the results are very professional. Regardless of the type of restaurant, there is little room for error when it comes to serving customers. Even the slightest visible watermark can displease a customer and can seriously damage the restaurant's reputation.

With cutlery polishers, you don't need to buy polishing cloths that are usually left lying around in the kitchen. We will thus avoid any type of cross contamination that may occur from the use of these rags.

Staff can also dedicate their effort to other tasks such as ensuring speedy delivery and timely order fulfillment.


Why should you invest in a cutlery polisher?

There are many benefits to using a silverware polisher. Many large stores have a cutlery polisher to keep up with the increasing demand from their customers. Here are several reasons why a silverware polisher is a smart investment:

Removes Watermarks Efficiently - Unlike polishing silverware by hand, a silverware polisher will leave zero watermarks every time you use it. The cutlery comes out of the machine completely dry, without water spots and with a constant shine.

Safer to Use - Polishing knives and forks can present cut hazards for your staff, especially when they have a lot of polishing silverware. Cutlery polishers are a safer option for polishing silverware. Just turn on the machine and let it take care of the rest.

Eliminate Cross Contamination - Another reason you should invest in a silverware polisher is for sanitary purposes. A dirty cleaning cloth can contaminate the rest of the silverware and spread bacteria to food, surfaces and, in the worst case, the customer's plate. You can eliminate cross contamination by using cutlery polishers.

Cost-effective: While cutlery polishers are more expensive compared to buying disposable polishing cloths, you end up saving more money in the long run. Cutlery polishers are durable equipment designed to withstand years of heavy use.

Free the Waiters: Running a large-scale hospitality business requires careful planning and timely execution. While polishing cutlery is part of that process, you should never spend too much time on a simple task that can be completed automatically. Cutlery polishers free up waiters to do more important jobs.

Saving space - A common problem in most kitchens is running out of space. Fortunately, silverware polishers come in a variety of sizes to fit even the smallest kitchen spaces. Some machines can fit under the counter, while others are tall and wide to meet the needs of larger kitchens.


How does a cutlery polisher work?

To appreciate a cutlery polisher, we must understand how it works. A clean cutlery set coming straight from the dishwasher enters the cutlery polishing machine through a stainless steel conduit. The cutlery then travels through a spiral tank filled with polishing granulate. This process is what polishes and dries the silverware before it passes through an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Finally, the cutlery comes out by a chute with a hot air fan that finishes drying and leaves them ready to serve.

A standard size silverware polisher can polish 5,000 to 7,000 pieces per hour. Smaller units can polish 3,000 pieces per hour.


In our opinion, cutlery polishers are essential for any hospitality establishment. They save a lot of time, money and energy, while simplifying the whole silverware polishing process. You can find the right cutlery polisher that suits your needs and the available space you have in your kitchen on our website.


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