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Prepare your restaurant to reopen after the coronavirus - Part 1

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Prepare your restaurant to reopen after the coronavirus - Part 1

As mandatory closings and restrictions continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants are turning to ordering online, selling gift cards, and other means of generating income. While it may seem like you're struggling now, it's also important to start making a plan for when this is over and you can reopen in the normal way. When will the restaurants reopen to the public? As the curve flattens out, each territory will come up with new plans to phase out quarantine and allow customers to visit their facilities again.

In this post we want to leave you some tips for the reopening of a restaurant after coronavirus. A small orientation that helps hoteliers and hospitality staff to face the start-up of the business in a situation of uncertainty and with many doubts about the coronavirus health alert.

First of all, disinfection.

Entrepreneurs in restaurants and bars should carry out a deep cleaning and disinfection of establishments to avoid contagion of coronavirus. There will be an obligation to change the dishes frequently, and to periodically disinfect the knobs, tables or utensils. The food must be protected by partitions.

Protocols with orders and suppliers.

Establish schedules to receive the merchandise and disinfect it, in an area as close as possible to the entrance of the establishments. Remove the wrappings of the products before they enter the premises, and subsequently the glass containers, cans, etc. will be disinfected. Fresh products will enter the premises in plastic boxes previously disinfected.

Make the most of takeaway and delivery.

Takeout and contactless delivery have become the new revenue standard for restaurants and bars. Providing a meal with multiple servings instead of individual servings, for example, a whole tray of lasagna with a large salad, saves on packaging, avoids third-party delivery and / or fees, and generates revenue from multiple meals instead of one or two. Meanwhile, a family or couple receives meals for a few days with limited external contact.

Furthermore, customers will begin to adapt to this new lifestyle, and after all this, some habits will still remain. Do not abandon the new takeaway and / or delivery system that you have implemented when you are allowed to reopen completely; People may still be looking for it.

Restructure the premises.

Restructure the arrangement of the tables in the room in order to respect the distance regime between them, which should be 1.5 meters. Place hydroalcoholic gels at the entrance of the premises, at the exit of the toilets. Carry out regular cleaning taking advantage of the moments of less influx, both in handles, door handles, passage areas, tables, chairs, oil combos, napkin rings and it will be ventilated after each service.

Maintain the smallest number of people and when the size of the bar allows it to maintain the separation between workers. It will be assessed whether the service is kept on the table or the customer is asked to pick up the order at the bar, to avoid the approach between staff and customers. Frequent cleaning of the bar and support areas, as well as utensils for use (ice tongs, etc.) and crockery, glassware and cutlery must disinfect it.


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