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Guidelines if you want to offer delivery.

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Guidelines if you want to offer delivery.

The food delivery service, commonly called delivery, continues to operate in Spain during this special period of confinement.

You must find the delivery logistics that best suits your establishment and give it visibility so that your customers who enjoyed your food on the premises know that from now on they can also do it at home or at work.

Post with a new service on all your social networks before and during peak hours; and add a direct link that makes the buying process as easy as possible for customers.


In direct management, it is the restaurant itself that cooks it and eats it: home sales, promotion and delivery software.

Avoid contact

In addition to maintaining hygienic measures in the bar or restaurant, contact between the dealer and the customer must be avoided.

Food packaging and hygienic container

In addition to maintaining hygienic measures in the bar or restaurant, contact between the dealer and the customer must be avoided.

You will need your own disposable packaging and a closed container where you can deposit each food and that can be cleaned after each service (motorcycle box, etc.).

Protection equipment

The personnel in charge of the work must have gloves and masks even if deliveries are made without contact with the client.

Online collection

To avoid contagion, you should also avoid collecting cash, so you will need payment platforms such as PayPal, Bizum or similar.



The platforms are companies that deal with software and also have their own fleet of distributors. This option should be the favorite for all those who are entering food delivery and are also looking for extra visibility for their brand.

Register on the platform

There are numerous options that currently operate in Spain: Just Eat, Delibero, Glovo or Uber Eats, each with different opening rates.

Double packed

In this case, it is the platform that carries the food, so it is recommended to establish a double packed.

Online or contactless payment

Avoid the use of cash through telematic payments or through apps.

Avoid contact

It is recommended to deposit the package with double packaging on a tray so that the client only has to touch the outside. After delivery, the delivery person should only clean the tray.


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