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Prepare healthy menus for your customers at the beginning of the year.

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Prepare healthy menus for your customers at the beginning of the year.

Offering healthy menus is a great option if you want to attract new customers or build loyalty among current ones, whose new purpose for this year is to take care of themselves.

Moreover, you will also be responding to the restaurant trends for 2020 where the new consumer demands more fresh and seasonal products.

Many establishments are incorporating healthier choices into their menus in the hope of addressing some of their customers' major health concerns.

Many want to learn how to design a healthy menu to appeal to the growing demographics of health-conscious diners. If you are interested in designing a healthier menu for your restaurant, we will share in this post some tips on how to do it in an efficient and easy way.

- Use olive oil as a culinary fat for cooking Virgin olive oil for dressings. Change the oil in the fryer or filter it more frequently to avoid rancidity.

- Opt for whole grain products, i.e. include whole grain rice, whole grain pasta and whole grain bread.

- Incorporate more fresh products into recipes. An excellent option is to prioritize vegetables and legumes as a side dish for second courses. Another possibility is to include first courses with vegetables or legumes as a main base. And for second courses include recipes based on white or blue fish, or lean meat.

- Another idea, now that the year is starting, is to offer desserts that include nuts and fresh fruit (whole or fruit salads) and natural juices will provide the ideal ingredient for a healthy menu for customers. Another healthy option for dessert is dairy in its skimmed or semi-skimmed version.

- Encourage the consumption of water as a regular drink. And use individual units in the case of alcohol consumption.

- Report total calories and offer half portions. Offering the possibility of choosing smaller portions is one of the best options for making your menu healthier.

- Get rid of pre-packaged or processed foods. Use seasonal foods, preferably suited to local cuisine and local products.

- Use cooking techniques that reduce energy and low-fat content as much as possible. Steaming, baking, grilling or broiling is a good choice, as it will allow you to eliminate excess fat from your dishes.

- Offer low-salt menus, which offer the possibility of being able to consume other seasonings, such as spices, aromatic herbs...

Your customers will be delighted to be able to eat a healthy menu in your establishment, in which seasonal products play a leading role.

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