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Boost your hospitality business - Part 2

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Boost your hospitality business - Part 2

In this post we continue to discuss some factors that may be useful to increase sales in your catering establishment.

You've probably heard of gastronomic influences. These influencers have prescriptive capacity on the Internet and have become part of the marketing actions of any hotel establishment to gain visibility.

Influencers are a very effective promotional resource for your venue.

In hospitality, influencers are part of the virtual reality of any establishment, influencers appear on social networks with their opinions on dishes and places to eat, attractive photographs, links to their blogs and any type of publication that helps them gain the visibility they are constantly looking for.

They have created a community around them and is an expert in gastronomic and foodies, which makes their opinions on the Internet influence the perception of their followers, thus becoming a prescriber.

These gastronomic influencers with their accounts and profiles generate opinions; profiles that with their publications have the ability to mobilize their audience to visit a restaurant, cafeteria, bar or other hotel establishments.

gastronomic influences - blog frucosol

You must know how to choose when influencing the one you want to work with and that the investment you are going to make is profitable. These gastronomic influencers can have a large number of followers in the social platforms, but you have to be careful with this, quality is much more important than quantity. There's no point in influencing thousands of followers who don't generate conversation or attractive content, or who have a low level of interaction.

Another strategy that can help you increase the sales of your establishment may be the installation of certain restaurant equipment.

There are studies, for example, that show that placing a commercial juicer in front of the public, increases the consumption of juice and therefore the income of the establishment.

Another similar case would be the installation of an instant glass cooler, where there is a clear correlation in its placement and the increase in consumption of cocktails and other combined in the establishment.

These are some keys to boosting your establishment, but there are many more proposals that can help you. As it can be to use professional photography, a few beautiful photos are often the key to make your dishes and drinks more attractive to your customers. Another good tip may be to hold contests. They can hold contests as often as you choose, every year, every month or when you want to promote a special event. This strategy will make you grow in followers and you will get a positive feeback.




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