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Boost your hospitality business - Part 1

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Boost your hospitality business - Part 1

There are many factors to consider to increase sales. But there is no perfect combination, each establishment must find its own combination of success.

However, if we can talk about basic things that are needed to start up the company's communication.

The first would be the website of your establishment. The website is necessary because the competition in hospitality is very large.

It can be done with minimal investment using a wordpress template. The web must have some essential sections. The area of ​​who we are, where we explain the philosophy of our business. A section where you can see the menu and menus, which are very useful for customers. And finally a contact area where the google map is integrated and a section where you can make reservations easily.

Another important thing if you want your company to stand out among all the competition is to do SEO and SEM. SEO consists of positioning your website in the main search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Through keywords These keywords should reflect the type of words for which any customer would look for you in the search engine.

For example "Galicia Restaurant", "quality Galician food", etc. Those keywords should be integrated into the text of the web and the blog, if you had one. Google likes fresh and current content, so if you update your blog regularly including keywords, Google will reward you by improving your position.

The SEM works as an auction, you buy keywords and advertisements are made that can be displayed on the first pages of Google or on other websites related to gastronomy, lifestyle, travel or other niches that interest you.

This way, every time someone clicks on the ad, they are paid by the click.


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