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Autumn time of orange juice!

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Autumn time of orange juice!

Beginning in autumn and near winter, citrus fruits are at their best time of collection and consumption. This time of year not only brings constipation and bad weather. Citrus fruits are one of the star foods of this era, they are delicious and bring many beneficial to health.

Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes and grapefruit in their white and pink variants.

Citrus fruits strengthen the body's immune system by its great contribution in vitamin C.

It is an ally in diets because it provides very few calories and more than 85% of its weight is water. They also provide satiety and help control blood sugar levels.

Citrus fruits have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals among which are Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, potassium, copper, phosphorus and sulfur, which improves the immune system and will help prevent constipation.

The consumption of an orange or orange juice a day covers the recommendation of vitamin C that the body needs daily; This vitamin can not be stored in the body, so it is necessary to consume it daily. We must remember that Vitamin C of orange juice remains stable until 12 hours later.

They protect the digestive system and are the perfect fruits to regulate intestinal transit, preventing constipation and reducing blood cholesterol levels.

Citrus has a powerful antioxidant action for the body because of its content in phenolic acids, flavones and anthocyanins.

Numerous studies also support that oranges prevent some types of cancer, as well as some diseases related to cardiovascular problems or strokes.

Citrus fruits also prevent some degenerative diseases such as deafness, loss of vision, cataracts, etc.

And last but not least the consumption of vitamin C increases people's livid.

These are some of the benefits provided by citrus fruits, for that reason we are in a perfect time to consume them daily for breakfast, after the main meals or ingest them between meals. Remember to offer your customers fresh orange juice this season!



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