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The responsibilities of waiter in bar and restaurant - Part 1

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The responsibilities of waiter in bar and restaurant - Part 1

The waiters are very important within the establishment. A waiter highlights intangible things such as kindness, respect, closeness and other values ​​that are part of the philosophy of your business.

Being a bar or room bar waiter is not an easy task. The ingredients of the perfect profile would be: common sense, dedication to service and lots of energy.

It is necessary to specify the functions in the bar and room and review them together with the staff, to detect failures and obtain a feed-back to improve and motivate the team.

The usual tasks, begin with the preparation and tuning of both the restaurant's dining room, or the bar-cafeteria, to later be able to offer to the clients of the corresponding establishment, all those services and products that they request, quickly and offering a service quality.

The main tasks that a waiter performs within an establishment are:

- Make provisioning and control consumption. Fill and check bottle racks and refrigerator with adequate stocks. It must also check its cleanliness and correct operation. They must also perform inventory and prepare orders to suppliers.

- Maintain good operation and negotiations with suppliers of beer taps, soft drinks, slushies or glasses cooler.

- Advise on drinks, prepare and present them. Organization of wines and spirits And keep up to date the inventory of drinks and orders to suppliers. Another important function of this part is to ensure the ice stock.

- Prepare and present simple snacks, canapés, sandwiches and mixed dishes. Ensure a minimum quantity stock and control expiration dates.

- Prepare and carry out pre-service, service and post-service activities in the area of ​​food and beverage consumption.

- Prepare and present dishes to the client's view.

- Know the use and control the machinery (coffee, blender, juicer, cocktail shaker, ice, glass washer, dishwasher, glass polishercutlery polisher...). Check its maintenance and revisions.

- Organize and control the necessary service material and bar tools. Make an inventory with minimum stock to have its replacement planned.


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    Justin Parker Jun 25, 2020

    This post is very informative on this topic. I feel strongly that love and read more on this topic. I just tripped upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog stations. Thanks for sharing.

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