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Ideas to attract customers to your bar - Part 2

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Ideas to attract customers to your bar - Part 2

A bar can be a profitable business if you have customers every day. But getting customers for your bar is not always an easy task, there is a lot of competition and customers are difficult to build loyalty. That is why in the hotel industry you have to be resourceful and look for ingenious ways to attract customers to our business.

We continue in this post with the recommendations and ideas to attract more customers to your bar.


Partner with businesses in the area

You can try to reach collaboration agreements with businesses in the area. They promote your establishment and you can buy their products or services, and even promote them to them. These agreements improve your brand image in the neighborhood and are also a good tool to attract new customers.


Promotions for specific audiences

Everyone does not have the same tastes. You can make promotions such as 2x1 offers, happy hour, special snacks.

At the vermouth and mid-afternoon, promotions of 2 x 1 in bar snacks  work very well and the bar snack + drink menus are also very effective. You can also thematize the food in relation to the products of the area or referring to a specific event. These options are very attractive and original to the public.

Before carrying out any promotion, analyze your most active target, the one that will best respond to your actions. In this type of promotions customer service plays a very important role.

You should make customers feel comfortable and advance whenever you can to their needs.


Use Facebook or Instagram

You can create a page on facebook or instagram on your bar, where you can upload quality photos of your dishes, your place, events, etc.

You can also promote your different events, and make exclusive promotions online generating an interaction and increasing the "engagment".

Another very good idea is to create a hashtag about your bar and encourage your customers to share it when posting their photos in the establishment.



Loyalty and captures your customers with personalized and direct communication, adapted to their tastes and interests.

You can schedule the sending of your SMS to your customers a couple of hours before lunch with a suggestive menu, or sending promotions and discounts in real time, since in the restoration time is the key.

You can also send short forms to collect the opinion of your clients and generate recommendations.

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