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Choose the equipment for your bar or restaurant bar top - Part 2

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Choose the equipment for your bar or restaurant bar top - Part 2

The hotel & restaurant owners know perfectly that the bar top is one of the star elements of the business.

In addition to lighting, materials or color, there are also other aspects to consider, such as the choice of equipment.

In this post we continue to know the best equipment options for your bar top.

Ice machine

In addition to having the typical ice for drinks you can also create ice for mojitos or slushies, for example.

Wine cellar

They allow the bottles of wine that are going to be used for the service to be stored at the right temperature.

The option of the horizontal wine cellar for bar is ideal if you want to keep the temperature of the wines with the bottles once opened.

Cold or hot bar display cabinets

They keep the bar snacks at an optimum temperature, helping the already cooked foods to be kept free of pathogenic germs until they are consumed by our customers.


The most common are those of the baskets of 35 × 35 cm and those of baskets of 40 × 40 cm. Make sure that the height of the glasswasher is higher than that of your glasses and cups, especially wine glasses.

Glass polisher

These equipment dry and polish glasses and cups eliminating the hard task of manual drying, and improve the finish and hygiene of the polishing process of the glassware.

Beer tap and coil

Much of the customers in restaurants or bars prefer tap beer both for its taste and for its price.

Glass froster

Simple system of freezing instantly with CO2 for any glass or cups. It is ideal if cocktails and mix beverage are an important part of your menu or you want to increase your consumption.

Professional air conditioning

The establishments need a good air conditioning to avoid among other things that the heat and the smells of the kitchen extend to the customers.

TPV terminal and ticket printer

TPVs for a bar or restaurants are very important, since more than 80% of them use them as usual in their transactions.


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